Who is Izzy Scott?

I am just a girl. My full name is Martha Isabelle Scott Córdoba.  I was born in Cali/Colombia on March 31, 1987.  Psychologist from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana-Cali (2009), Salsa dancer and Teacher with 10 years of experience (Swing Latino, Combinación Rumbera, Javeriana University, Colegio Odontológico de Cali, Mi cuerpo es mi historia fundación).  My contributions had been in the field of:

  • Psychological and artistic research about dance as a therapeutic tool.  Joven investigador Colciencias, 2012 / Ministerio de cultura 2013 / Secretaría de Cultura 2016.  (see published articles in “services/writer”)

I love children, ocean, music, traveling, family and truly friends. I believe in human rights, personal ethic and spiritual freedom.

Find your own freedom!


Since I was a teenager, I used to like to be involved in groups, and altruistic movements in defense of social causes. Years later I co-founded a non-profit organization called MI CUERPO ES MI HISTOIRA (MY BODY IS MY HISTORY), of which I am director today. Once, a person questioned whether I really was born to help others by vocation, or to look good,  i had never questioned it. And you know? When my heart has the answer, I don’t need much time to know.

To have the common good as purpose of life, is a philosophy of life, which can not be explained much with words.  It is a decision that has to do with faith, and with an existential stance in front of life: too much faith. When you like to help others, you are simply born knowing it, and life is leading you to it. The interesting thing is that it does not make you a better person than anyone else; In fact, deciding it, does not exempt you from all your fears, and personal growth challenges. Rather, I could say, if you want to be consistent with your personal philanthropy, you have to commit to your continuous improvement so that things flow…that’s how I see it …


My foundation is a long term project, children are in the Colombian pacific coast, and my team is in Cali Colombia, we have other companies like “Manglar de Ramsel” Hotel, “Viajero Hostels”, “Javeriana University” that are available to help us every time we need.  Without support, and teamwork this dream maybe would not have been executed like it has been until now.



“Mommy, they are from cali, and they are the champion of the world, can you believe?” I told her while my mom was watching on TV, at ESPN, a salsa competition in the United States …..

The decision was immediate “I’m going to learn to dance like the world champions,” I said. And from that day, until today I’m a # 1 fan of the Colombian dance style of salsa. It’s been 10 years since I decided it. The sénics arts had been always in my DNA, one of my grandparents was a tango dancer, and the other, danced the pasodoble pretty well.

Being a Colombian salsa dancer has led me to places, people and wonderful experiences. I had the pleasure of knowing the fabela santa marta de rio de Janeiro where I gave a couple of salsa workshops in 2010. I also visited a charming city called Córdoba in Argentina, 4 years after having dabbled in this world of salsa, as part of the workshop team of salsa and bachata 2012 congresses. Dancing several times in “Salsódromo Cali” has been one of the most energetic and joyful experiences of my life . And not to mention the world competitions that brought out the best and worst of me in my most active years as a dancer in Cali.

But definitely to teach older adults, children, pilots, newly married couples, in short, so many people willing to enjoy their bodies through dance, has been the best rewards. I can say that salsa has been my passport to connect with the world, and leave behind shyness, and social fears.

We can not always do great things, but we can do small things with great love. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.