Hungry & Ungry

“Them belly full but we hungry

A hungry mob is an angry mob

A rain a-fall but the dirt, it tough

A pot a-cook but the food no ‘nough”


This is my firs everything:  my first blog, and my first english writing, and is my first writing after a lot of time.   Is friday, my husband is playing the guitar, my family is living in colombia, and my friends are living their lifes.  I am not in the mood to go dance, neither drink liquor…so i think this is a cool plan for friday.

1 hour ago i just speak to you on my IG stories about a situation that happened to me. It was something apparently stupid, but in the deep, with substance just to analyse.

I ate something at 4:30pm, then i did a few things, and i just forgot eat…until 8:30pm.  So it was 4 hours without eat, and normally i eat every two hours. Well, the point was that at 8:30pm i got super upset!!!, almost agresive, it was instantaneus change of mood. I had to breathed, and thinked about 3 things i am gratefull for, and then i just realized i wanted to eat.

We (my husband and i) go back to the house, and i effectively ate.  I ate fast and a little bit like anxious. When i finished, i felt this peace on my mind.  All my energy changed, and i reflected it was a hungry attac.

That situation make me thing about society problems of violence you know?.  In my case, i just was 2 hours more beyond the time i normally use to eat, and i felt really bad, upset and negative.   I imagine in this moment how hungry and ungry will be a person who doesnt eat in 6,8, 12, 24 hours, and i say OMG!!

Violence does not have justification.  A lot of things in society dont have. But, i trully belive that basic needs are the responsabily of goverments. People need food, that is basic.  And as a human race, we should put on the shoes of the others. Not only survive, not only make money, but try to focus some energy in general interests.    For me is basic, for me is natural. I try to live my life thinking about the others, since say “good mornning” untill give few time some those people who nobody knows and nobody care.

Adulthood is hard, because the system press to you be someone, or have some quantity of money in your bank account.  And dreams by the time go down. I just ask god guide me to my dreams, trhrought my passions. I ask god wake me up, open my eyes about things are important.   I ask god, help me to help, and help me to inspire, in the same way, i got inspiration from some people who is already awake about their own way.