Salsa Classes

My dance classes are aimed at the enjoyment of body, music, and patience in the process of learning. They are salsa classes, or Latin rhythms (social), with no pretensions of professional style. What I teach are sequences of movement, figures and steps (Colombian salsa, bachata, samba, merengue, etc), according to current level of participant. My experience has been with university groups, children, teenagers and adults. Through personalized, group and / or couple classes that want to improve their body connection or create choreography for special dates.


GROUP CLASSES (More than 3 people)

1 hour (US120) Per hour

2 hours or more (US100) Per hour



1 hour (US80) Per hour

2-5 hours (US50) Per hour

6-10 (US35) Per hour

11 or more (US30) Per hour



Free Salsa Youtube Lessons